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If there was ever a more disgusting thing then leftovers from last night's dinner, I've yet to see it.

And the lights are all dim, the sun hiding behind clouds.  Everything has a blue tint to it, like some movie were secretly everything's disturbing, but the main character has yet to figure it out.

That left-over Texas toast is alive, and shall eat you in revenge for it's fallen brothers!

But I lost my script, so I don't know my lines very well.

It goes something like:

"Are you ever going to put this in the fridge?  It's starting to mold, you know."

I should write a script.  In fact, I shall.  Right now.  I'm writing a movie.

I already know who I'm casting for what, too.

Character Overview:

Raven Darkholme (Shane)
A young man in his early twenties who's dealing with a severe case of depression.  He lives in a small apartment with his boyfriend, and three friends.  He's also somewhat delusional, and hallucinates from time to time.  Writes for a newspaper.

Robert Grehyer (Tommy)
Raven's live-in boyfriend.  Roughly two years older then Raven, Roberto is a rather happy person, though he has some mental issues, and thoughts of suicide/homicide.  Is a bartender.

Tara Flegmatt (Kristine)
One of the girls living with Raven.  She's a year older then Raven, and has issues with being in a romantic relationship.  Sing's perfect soprano, and is a psychiatrist.

Rose Swarlos (Robey)
Another of the girls living with Raven.  She's also a year older then him, and suffers from multiple personality disorder.  She has a large collection of knives, including butcher knives and straight razors.  Likes cats, and is "gainfully unemployed".

Irene Celpho (Cody)
The last room mate at the apartment, Irene suffers acute paranoia and O.C.D., but manages to live her life around that fact.  Know to many as "I.C.", she works as a photographer for the same newspaper Raven works for.

Crystal (Nikki)
One of Raven's hallucinations, who watches all of the room mates shower.  She's rather perverted, and tells Raven to fuck people.

Number 5 (Zach)
The second of Raven's hallucinations, know as "Number Five", or just Five for short.  Laments about the apartments lack of a piano.  Tells Raven to kill people, mostly with piano wire.

The Shadow (Undecided)
The last of Raven's hallucinations, The Shadow does not speak, nor does it move once it shows itself.  IT simply stands, stares and breathes.  Even in broad daylight, it is completely covered in shadows.  Mentally attacks Raven with thoughts of him brutally murdering all the other room mates.


I'll post up the first part of the script when it's done.